All The Way Handmade Body Butters Have Arrived!

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Sticking true to our goal of giving everyone the best skin they can, we are so proud to announce our new whipped body butter product! It's not lotion, but body butter! Since body butters can be made without water, they last much longer than lotions without requiring preservatives, and we're all about that here. Extra bonus: this means you don't pay for water in your jar! My favorite part about body butters is that there's also no emulsifiers or wax - there's no need! Another benefit of a water-free, oil based moisturizer. No sticky feeling, greasy fingerprints, or lingering tackiness. These body butters soak right in within a few minutes so you can get on with your day.

We like to use them thinned out with our own amount of water each use ensuring that you get the best feel every day. What's that mean? You can change how the butter applies each time without worrying about not using enough or using too much butter.

Dry air outside this week? Use a little less water for a thicker moisturizer.

Need just a top off before heading out? Use a bit more water for a quick dry.

Generally, a small pea amount is plenty for both hands. Seriously, that little! It's potent stuff.

We make ours very similarly to other small companies but we use entirely different bases - most body butters around are made with shea butter, but we are using mostly avocado butter because we find it much more silky and luxurious. Everything is over loaded with shea butter lately and it's never been one that we enjoyed using - it's too thick. Avocado butter is light and absorbs much more cleanly into our skin.

We also added a bit of Vitamin E, Oat Oil, and Seaweed Extract for that extra kick of nutrients. Arrowroot powder creates the best finishing feel ever for long lasting moisture.

We'll be carrying the body butter in rotating fragrances! We'll always try and have the favorite fragrances in this body butter, as well as a few from our seasonal releases.

All of our whipped body butters can be found here, while the seasonal scented whipped body butters can be found here.

Happy... buttering?


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