New Logo! Same Sienna.

Hi all!

Time to reveal a long-time-coming idea that finally came to fruition this past week - a brand new logo!

This new All The Way Handmade logo incorporates some elements of my most loved oils into the design - sweet almond, olive, rice bran, and avocado - all in their botanical form. It's beautiful, gentle, and simple, and get this, it's also handmade by a real person! Not me this time. My fellow creative spirited artist friend who goes by Foxtail Brush did an amazing job teasing out and translating my half brained thoughts into a true visual piece of art that I could not be happier to get to use as my logo. Really, it's a perfect reflection of what All The Way Handmade was meant to be from the start: simple, soothing, artistic, handmade, and small business supporting.

All remaining items that I have labeled will keep the same previous logo as to not create extra waste - but from here on out, all new labels will feature the new logo! A mark of a new era!


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