New Packaging for All Artisan Soaps

Hi All!

I'm very excited to announce that we are updating our packaging a bit. Rather than our previous natural paper wrapping, wax stamp, and twine bow, we are moving to recycled paper soap boxes and stickers! Personally, we think it looks just as professional as our previous packaging and gives us a lot more customization options.

Why? It comes down to one reason: when shipping orders, the twine bows were loosening and the paper wrapping sometimes looked a little wrinkled so it kind of looked a bit sloppy. This is definitely not the way we want to have our treats, gifts, and favors arrive to you and your loved ones. Although the old packaging looked absolutely wonderful for pictures and on faire tables, we need to make sure that everyone gets what they expect!

All of our artisan handmade soaps will be in this new packaging by default despite what the product pictures may show (I'm working on updating them but it will take a while!). If you prefer the other packaging for your shipping orders, we are more than happy to do a round of older packaging for you so don't be shy - just let us know when you check out.


Happy soaping!

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