Sienna's Signature Artisan Soap Collection Introduced!

Hi all,

I have some very personally exciting news to share!

After a few years of being in business successfully, it's time for me to announce my permanent collection! These are the staples and favorites proven year after year. The aim is to always have these beloved goodies available year round. So, the final All The Way Handmade Signatures scent list is:

Luscious Lemon
Luxurious Lavender
Into the Woods
Calm Before the Storm
Scottish Highlands

These will be available as Artisan Soaps and Whipped Body Butters :)


Some fan favorites that I plan on keeping in rotation, but not necessarily possible for me to always have available:

Seaside Citrus
Jasmine Green Tea & Rose


This is a really big step for the All The Way Handmade journey.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past few years. Running my own business is not a thing I had grown up thinking I wanted to do, but after a few years of nothing but terrible, awful, no good, very bad high tech office experiences over the years, I had to readjust my career expectations for my mind, body, and soul. It became clear that my path had to change. The idea that I could actually just be in charge of what I do in a given day was exceptionally cathartic. An entire new world opened up for me; albeit a scary one, but at least it was a way out of what seemed like a soul-destroying black hole of a career path - I'll take scary over daily hair-pulling levels of anxiety any day. I needed short term and long term flexibility, to go at my own pace, and really not have to fret about office politics anymore. I knew I could do it. Whatever I didn't know how to do, I knew I could figure it out and then do it. And here I am, after a much needed self-recollection and a few years of self determination, AWH gets to announce a permanent collection!

And here I am working on my own time and loving every minute!

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