Warming Winter with Holiday Cheer!

Hello Everyone!

This past Sunday marked a huge milestone for All The Way Handmade. We finally finished the massive orders of gift baskets for the season! Packed inside were of course one or two of my Winter Artisan Soaps (depending on how many people the basket was for), homemade Rocky Road candy (my recipe uses crunchy peanut butter and it is the BEST!), homemade Rice Krispie Treats, Andes mints, candy canes, and a decorative kitchen towel for the bigger ones. Although I would have loved to make the mints and candy canes, I can occasionally cook and bake but chocolatier and confectioner extraordinaire are not in my list of titles. Each basket was either in a decorative basket or even in a stocking! Yes, I'm a bit impressed with that bit too. They were so much fun to make and surely they will give smiles to whoever gets these goodies. 

Here is a last minute photo of some of the baskets before handing them to the gift givers:

Prestidigitation Potions Holiday Gift Baskets


What's this mean?...

That absolutely all of my Frosted Woodlands Artisan Soaps are completely sold out! The Frosted Fir were the first to go, with a sole one remaining by the end of the Hacienda Holiday Faire, and I had just enough to fill these baskets with Frosted Juniper and Frosted Cedar by the time the orders stopped coming in! The Frosted Garden Artisan Soaps aren't to far behind either - both Frosted Rose and Frosted Gardenia are both sold out, leaving only Frosted Peony for the emergency gift or stocking stuffer!

Overall, the first Winter season here at All The Way Handmade was a massive success and we are looking forward to what 2018 has for us!


Happy Soaping!

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