Alchemist Alert: Valentine's Day and Spring 2018 Collections!

Time for a new fragrance profile in the bathtub! It's a time for new beginnings, thawing from the chill, and welcoming spring buds, flowers, and greens. Switching from warming, comforting, and spiced fragrances from the winter season, we enter into everything lovely and fresh for the springtime. Roses, other florals, fresh and green, chocolaty and sweet, and of course dewy and sparkly is everything refreshing and renewing that we're bringing into these handmade soap collections.


Here's the special sneak peek at the upcoming Valentine's Day and Spring Artisan Soap 2018 Collections:

  • True Wuv - classic rose bouquet fragrance with rose buds and leaves. Really putting a fresh breath of life into the springtime staple.
  • Van Gogh's Garden - sweet lavender lined up in fields as far as you can see. Decorated with lavender buds and a special complementing floral design.
  • All that Glitters is Soap - fresh powder scent adorned with individually made sparkling jewels and golden swirls.
  • Lots of Chocolates - creamy and dreamy chocolate scented swirls decorated with truffle like lattice pattern and hidden golden curls.

For those of you who can't wait for these lovely All The Way Handmade Artisan Soap Collections, here are some recommendations to help you get a nice head start to the blooms:

Happy Soaping!

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