Spring Collection Coming into Bloom!

We have finally settled on our spring fragrance collection for this year! And oh my, they're a beautiful bunch indeed!

This year, we will be celebrating the freshness and newness of spring gardens with everything wonderful about longer days, spring rain, and blooming buds. This collection highlights fresh, floral, and clean scents - with delicate and beautiful colors, designs, and decorations to boot.


Young Rose Artisan Soap

Young, sweet, fresh, and red and pink peeping through a delicate green shell, proving ready for the world! A special blend of rose and fresh gardens perfectly encapsulates these few precious weeks for one of the most beloved flowers worldwide. Water nicely and you'll be rewarded with a luxurious fragrance for weeks to come.


Green Meadow Artisan Soap

There's a simple point of inspiration for this particular soap. It all came down to what I see on my morning walks once Winter has been pushed out of the way. Breeze blowing and soft green grass is one of the iconic ideas of Spring and we'd be remiss if this passed us by! We hope our morning inspiration helps gets yours in gear.


Afternoon Tea Party Artisan Soap

Time to put the spicy teas back into the corner of the cabinet and bring out black tea favorites like Lady Earl Grey or English Breakfast (or Irish Breakfast :X ). This creamy, delectable soap is for those who enjoy a lunch picnic with friends, complete with sprawling lawns, other peoples' dogs, hors d'oeuvres and charcuterie, and hot drinks in travel containers. My favorite is black tea with cream and two sugars, so here it is!


Sparkling Dawn Artisan Soap

After a spring sprinkle, there's a distinctive crispness to the air, mixing with the newest buds that are peeking through. Water droplets cling to their branches and leaves, only to be whisked away with the gentle breeze. Small upside down shimmering worlds reflect everything in the new spring light.



Extra bonus? Every one of these will be available as our Artisan Bathing Salts, Artisan Bathing Milk Tea, and Artisan Body Butters (our current fan favorite by a million! Find out why here).


Happy Soaping!


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