Something new is a'brew... Artisan Facial Oils!

Oh it's nearly impossible to believe we've come so far already! From making soaps as a hobby in my garage, to specifically developing artisan recipes for sale, to expanding into more body care lines! It's hard to think that I'm still so proud to announce more that is on its way from the little workshop here. I'm always thinking of ways to make the bathing, showering, and pampering ritual more everyday, effortless, and luxurious.

Now that I feel that All The Way Handmade bodies are well washed and moisturized, I wanted to focus a bit more on our faces - you know, the most delicate, shown, and washed&scrubbed&treated parts of our entire bodies! No matter what we use to help keep them clean, dry yet moisturized, dewy yet not greasy, it's always a complicated game. So here I propose and happily present - the...


All The Way Handmade Artisan Facial Oil!


Made entirely of nutritious, clean oils for skin designed for long lasting moisture and quick absorption, the recommended 4-5 drops per application is the perfect way to kick off your nightly routine. For more dry days, I even mix in a few drops of this new facial oil into my body butter and lather it all over. Yes, even my face. It's just so, SO absorbent and luxurious! No fragrance, not even essential oil, or any oil blends - what's on the label (what you see) is what you get! Conveniently packaged in a chic dropper bottle, this is a pretty little oil for your pretty face!


Happy slathering!


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