Hacienda Holiday Faire 2018 an even BIGGER Success!

It's been a hot bit since I last had a moment to sit and write a quick update!

I was very, very busy making my holiday collection faire ready with the brand new packaging and products! I feel the rush was well worth it though. The brand new Artisan Body Butters were the star of the show, no question. I could barely keep them on the table and they were all sold out by the end except for Pumpkin Spice Latte Artisan Body Butter (I had made more of this one anyway). The other new players were the Artisan Bathing Salts and Artisan Bathing Milk Teas - they were absolutely stunning as a whole package together!

 The new Artisan Soap packaging was really nice to work with too so I almost couldn't have been happier with how the whole event went.

Here's what my table looked like minutes before the doors opened:

All The Way Handmade | Hacienda Holiday Faire Artisan Faire

I ended up moving the picture frames with my details in them up above into a window inlet so that freed up a bit of space (and people actually read them!).

Make sure you take a look at the seasonal items while I have a few left, since the faire nearly wiped me clean out this year - which obviously I'm completely stoked about but also worried I might not have made enough for you all. Also, because of the timing, I won't have the time to order more supplies, make, and cure another batch of seasonal soaps so these are IT!

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