TwitchCon 2017 Recap!

I have finally returned from my adventure to the far away land of TwitchCon 2017! After rushing the Expo Hall, attending panels, meeting people and personalities, and hiding out from the heat, I would say it was a very successful first time attending this convention.

My best experiences were getting to attend live panels for Maze Arcana, Acquisitions Incorporated - The "C" Team, and Dice, Camera, Action DnD livestream panels. Each of them were a riot to watch in their own right, even with a crowd provoked response of "green flame!" that didn't seem at all pre-planned. Interested? All of them can be viewed on the same dnd Twitch Channel. Take a peek at their weekly (YAY!) schedule to get the recommended dose of Dungeons & Dragons live streaming!

Sadly there was the one group I had wanted to see before I went and didn't get to see live - Girls, Guts, Glory. Everyone fell victim to the convention chaos it seems. I've seen their youtube videos of their sessions and they're simply hilarious so I'm truly disappointed I didn't get to meet these ladies. They're also on the dnd Twitch Channel so go support them too!

The Expo Hall was a highlight for many attendees, just not for me. I loved the tabletop area and the creative corner which was mostly filled with artists with their nerdy art, with a few crafters sprinkled in, and a token few non-artisan stores. Most of the hall was dedicated to streamers being able to create content on the spot and promotions of upcoming major video game titles. Very industry like and that's the part that took me off guard.

TwitchCon was massive compared to what I was expecting, easily by 3x, and was kind of overwhelmed when I first arrived. I think they'll be forced to choose yet another new location for next year because it'll only be bigger next year! Hopefully the tabletop and craftsmen streamers will have more of a presence, with me at a booth!

Happy Soaping!

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