It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Announcing the All The Way Handmade Winter 2017 Collections!


Yes, I've been MIA for a few weeks, but all for a good cause. After a few happy accidents (and a few not-so-happy), the Winter Collections are here and will be available the second week of December! I'm very proud of each artisan soap that is in this collection. Every single bar got individual attention to make the most of this Frosted Season!


Frosted Garden - Women's Collection

Each one slightly sweet, lightly floral, and briskly frosty. Somehow you've found the most delicate of flowers that have lasted this long into the winter season.

Frosted Rose

Wonderful classic rose fragrance mixes with a touch of peppermint and cold air for a truly refreshing take on this floral scent. Scarlet swirls with white and gold for a strikingly beautiful bar, only to be topped with real rose petals and hand painted frosted rose embeds.

Frosted Gardenia

Wonderfully feminine and delicate gardenia and jasmine come together as one frosted delight. Ivory, white, and deep green colors are the signature of the Frosted Gardenia with a little extra snow dusting the tops. Opened and budding gardenias are kissed by frost, and hand painted for an icy effect.

Frosted Peony

Sweet peonies have staved off the cold the best when compared to the Frosted Rose and Frosted Gardenia. Still slightly frostbitten, these beauties are not the colors one might expect from winter, making them all the more special and rare. That's what mostly caught your eye in the Frosted Garden.


Frosted Woodlands - Men's Collection

Surrounding and overlooking the Frosted Garden lies the Frosted Woodlands. Hauntingly beautiful with its winter charm. Wafts of fragrant woods and musky spices draw you outside the safe garden walls...

Frosted Juniper

Homey and warming juniper is the first aromatic wood that hits you. Ever so carefully manicured juniper trees lining the garden walls hold the very last berries. When pinched, they still release a thick dark purple juice. The leaves on the ground are covered with snow, muffling your footsteps.

Frosted Cedar

Wandering away from the juniper tree's spiciness, the path makes its way into an undisturbed cedar grove. Resinous, the fragrant lure of these trees is nearly irresistible. Delicate snow layers lay atop heftier branches, while powderous piles lay below cleanly wiped ones.

Frosted Fir

After crossing over a frozen over creek, you come across the few recognizable fir trees that are outside your holiday getaway. The ever classic fragrance of Christmas trees in the tree farm gets a fresh take as these trees are still in the wild, mingling with other trees. A small breeze ushers more chill and fir fragrance your way. Maybe it's time to have a few last breaths of fresh air before heading back inside.



Star Studded - For All

Since the Women's Frosted Garden and Men's Frosted Woodland Collections were so labor intensive and definitely have their fragrance profiles, it would be best if everyone could partake in the Holiday fragrances. Enter, the Star Studded Collection! These are for those who don't necessarily enjoy floral or woodsy fragrances, and are more along the lines of typical fragrances found during this time of year. Oh, and these are full sized Artisan Soaps!

Fresh Wreath

*Knock knock* as you await for the door to open of the first Holiday party of your spree. Waiting out in the cold, in front of a Fresh Holiday Wreath for several seconds, holding your donation to the party, take a deep breath. That's the moment this soap is aiming to be.

The Nutcracker

Sugar sweet, tart, swirling, and completely magical. This once a year candy-like treat will become a staple for those wanting to fall under an enchanting spell. Shimmer purple and cheeky pink create whimsical patterns as they dance among the stars. Good enough to eat, but please don't.



Artisan Soap Collection - Good for Winter

Fragrances that remind us of the winter season shouldn't be relegated to a few select months. There's nothing wrong with wanting cinnamon and orange in April, or lodge-with-a-fireplace in July. Here are some of the Artisan Soap permanent collection that distinctly remind me of winter!



Happy Soaping & Happy Holidays!

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