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Jasmine & Rose Artisan Body Butter

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Jasmine & Rose Artisan Body Butter

A floral lover's dream - luscious stems plucked fresh from the riverside. This is what a midday canoe ride in the village's river during a light spring breeze must smell like. English rose and jasmine go hand in hand - they are both floral notes that are heady, fresh, and as sweet as can be. 

Decorated with a dried rose bud and dried jasmine flower bud.

Fragrance Notes: Fresh Cut English Rose, Bloomed Jasmine, Plumeria, Creekside Breeze

Luxury Ingredients: Avocado Butter, Natural Vitamin E, Seaweed Extract, Oat Oil

Total Ingredients: Avocado Butter, Seaweed Extract, Oat Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Fragrance, Essential Oil, Natural Vitamin E, skin safe mica

All of the All The Way Handmade Body Butters are a wax free and whipped for easy use. No added preservatives either.

This Artisan Body Butter uses the signature All The Way Handmade Luxury Butter recipe. As always, every jar of our handmade body butters receives individual attention from design to creation to packaging. We hope you can feel the difference, and of course the love we put in.

Care Tips:

To help your body butter last longer, keep them dry by using dry or patted off hands to apply. This isn't a general warning - it really does help!

Our body butters an easily be used as a replacement for shaving cream or just as an in-shower moisturizer instead of having to wait until getting out of the bath or shower.

Even with our shameless over applying of this wonderful body butter, each one will last a single person at least 3 months of continual use.

All body butters from All The Way Handmade are small batch produced and made with fruit oil butter, fragrance and/or essential oil, botanical extracts, and botanical decorations.

Approximate weight is 1.5-2oz for the 3oz glass jars. The jars and lids are food safe. The jars are dishwasher safe while handwashing is recommended for the lids. Shipping is determined by weight and is calculated at check out.

*Our Body Butters are extremely lightweight and fluffy, making them susceptible to shipping movement. They will still be whipped and piped like what you may have seen in the faires and pictures. They might need a few knocks on a countertop to be set back to center, but they won't melt in transit.*

Learn more details about our Artisan Body Butter in our announcement blog post! 

For any further questions, please send us an email using our Contact Us page or contact owner@allthewayhandmade.com.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Juliette Jacques
Love this one!!

I first tried the jasmine rose body butter at a farmers market and loved the creamy feel and delicious scent so much I got one for my sister also. Ordering online was easy and I ended up getting 4 to give away and 2 to keep for me!

Patricia Callegari
Cramy and Hydrating

Love the aroma and it lingers but not too strongly. The emollient ingredients are not greasy feeling at all and my dry skin loves this product! The lid is a bit difficult to snap shut, but otherwise a superb product.

Diane Kizer

Jasmine & Rose Artisan Body Butter

Love it! Wish the lid could be easier to close

I love this body butter! It sinks to my skin right away without leaving the slippery feeling on my hands. It smells good also, not too overwhelm, not too sweet, but it has the refreshing smell that makes me wanna keep smelling it. Overall this is great product! I just wish the container could be easier to open and close.

A Rose By Any Other Name

A powerful yet delicate scent. Rose is such a beautiful scent in itself, but when paired with jasmine, it creates a very soothing smell! The smell lasts a very long time and it applies very smoothly! It's also mom approved! A wonderful buy for anytime of the year!