Love Day Collection 2022

Yes, I do think we need a day to spend extra attention just for love these days. When the days, weeks, months.... years... blur together so badly, having a certain event to look forward to is monumentally important. Yes, we should 'love' every day, but a day to really indulge in this particular emotion would benefit more people now than ever. Typical self love activities and appointments have been disrupted or halted, so what does that look like now? Friendships have gone virtual, just like work or school, so what does that look like to us of 2019? Romantic love reduced to seemingly endless couch nights and endless social scrolling. 

Thank goodness Valentine's Day is in the beginning of the year. It's been a rough start already, but showing up and creating my handmade soaps with love for love is a desperately needed pick-me-up. Although Valentine's Day is typically reserved for celebrating romantic love, with a heavy push for friendship love in recent years, I think self love is the desperately needed bit that everyone needs a little more of on a regular basis. So, to encompass the whole idea of love in all forms, I've named this year's collection "Love Day" instead. Not February Collection. Not Valentine's Day Collection. Love Day.

So here's what we have that's Love-ly and new:

All Love Artisan Soap
Gilded Rose Artisan Soap
You Are Succulent Artisan Soap
Spa Rose Pre-Shave Scrubby Artisan Soap
Silky Smooth Specialty Body Polish Artisan Soap
40000 Leagues Sea Salt Specialty Artisan Soap
Classic With A Twist Artisan Soap
Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake Specialty Artisan Soap

Some for men, some for women, some for date night, some for staying in, some for friends, some to treat yourself, some to treat others... but they're all for Love.

Happy soaping!


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