Organic Coconut Oil - Luxury Ingredient

Oh, coconut oil! How we love it so! And so it seems everyone else...

Organic coconut oil is a fabulous ingredient to have in any of your skin care routine. Often found in nearly all skin care in its raw form (organic certified or not) for many reasons, functionally it provides a good medium to carry other ingredients because it is solid at room temperature, can be fluffed up easily to make more airy and softer, but melts on your skin with your natural body temperature. That's why it is so important to keep products with any coconut oil in a cool place. Coconut oil is a gentle cleanser and fabulous moisturizer in its raw form so it's a two for one deal in terms of benefits out compared to effort put in. There are tons of fatty acids packed into coconut oil, and why we prefer to use certified organic coconut oil here - we want everything as natural as possible to be transferred into bonuses in our soaps and body care items.



Why is coconut oil in nearly every single handmade soap bar available?

The answer is easy! It's because it's an amazing ingredient to have in it and is super easy to work with on our side. Coconut oil is one of the few soaping oils that helps bars set up faster without compromising integrity, contains many fatty acids and is a naturally cleansing oil. 



What makes it a luxury ingredient in soaps?

What makes our coconut oil extra special is that it is certified organic coconut oil and kosher. A lot of soaps out there used coconut oil that has been treated with soy, and is therefore not allowing the coconut oil to be used in its true and best form. There are some bonuses to using coconut oil like that, but we prefer to use ours in the certified organic coconut oil form because we believe that the natural benefits of organic coconut oil far outweigh the convenience factor (and price difference) of cheaper coconut oil forms that aren't organic.

All The Way Handmade's Signature Luxury Moisture Formula has a relatively low percentage of this oil to make sure our soaps remain extra moisturizing. Although in most other beauty and body products coconut oil is a primary moisturizer, in cold process soap it transforms it into a cleansing and lather boosting ingredient. We prefer to keep our Luxury Moisture Formula soaps as luxuriously moisturizing and soft as possible so our use of organic coconut oil in that particular formula is modest (but still remains a high percentage of our recipe as a whole!).