Ethically Harvested Silk - Luxury Ingredient

Woah, what a strange ingredient to have in soap. Silk, really? Not many people use it, and really we can't see why not! We found a sustainable and ethical place to get our silk fibers from, tested it in our soaps, and we knew it was going to be a big hit.


What makes it a luxury ingredient in soaps?

Adding in a bit of silk had a major effect on the texture of our Signature Luxury Moisture Soap. Silk in the soap makes it feel like silk on your skin! The smoothing effect during lathering was actually noticeable in our blind tests. It was a no brainer to keep in our favorite soaps. It's a perfect complement to our soft-oil heavy soap. If you're a soap maker yourself, I highly highly recommend giving it a try in one of your regular soaps just so you can feel the difference yourself.


What makes the silk you use an ethical ingredient?

Although we strictly do not condone the use of many other animal products to be used in our soap shop, silk, like honey, can be taken from the producing animal's ecosystem without harming it. The silk we used is the silk that's left behind after the larvae has emerged - basically like hair on the bathroom floor to them! No harm, no foul. Just wonderful handmade soap. It plays really nicely in the way we like to make our soaps.