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The Woodsman Men's Kaolin Clay Shaving Soap

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The Woodsman Men's Kaolin Clay Shaving Soap


Cedarwood essential oil is the only fragrance in this beloved soap. It is a very classic fragrance for men, and I couldn't have thought of a better addition to my growing shaving soap line. No additional coloring added to this soap either! It is naturally this gorgeous orange-tinted yellow color all on its own, courtesy of the cedarwood essential oil.

White kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal will help keep the froth nice and slippery to help you get nice and close to the skin for an incredible shave; not enough kaolin clay to cause skin dryness - it's really only there to help the soap's texture while on your skin and easily rinses away.


For the best shaving lather on the planet, use a shaving brush to froth. These soaps are conveniently pre-loaded into a 3" wide mouth twist top jar for great swirling action. Super easy to take on the go, or stack away neatly once it's been used.


Specialty Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal, Avocado Butter 

Luxury Ingredients: Castor OilCertified Organic Coconut OilEthically Harvested SilkRice Bran Oil

As always, every bar of our handmade soaps receives individual attention from design to creation to packaging. We hope you can feel the difference, and of course the love we put in.

To help your shaving soaps last longer, drain out any excess water or dab dry, then let air dry for a few hours after each use. This isn't a general warning - it really does help!

All soaps from All The Way Handmade are small batch produced and made with saponified oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, skin safe micas, skin safe pigments, and other luxury ingredients. This means it uses all natural ingredients and the traditional way of making soap from scratch. 

Approximate weight is 2.7g with 4" round dimensions. Container is reusable if hand washed. Shipping is determined by weight and is calculated at check out.


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